Art at the Mill Show

Nov 10 & 11.

One of three tables displaying Elohi Spirit Gourds and Spirit Eggs.

Elohi Spirit Gourd by Nazmeya

Elohi Spirit Gourd by Nazmeya

Nice round natural finish gourd with pine needle trim with a walnut slice with bead accent.

Elohi Spirit Gourds by Nazmeya

The building/shop I plan to purchase by May 1.

Gourds, Goods & Gifts

This is the style of the building I will purchase for my Shop. I plan to have it set up by May 1, 2013.  I am undecided on the name but right now I like  “ELOHI SPIRIT GENERAL STORE”.  I have also considered “GOURDS, GOODS & GIFTS”.  Besides gourds, natural  and native products and crafts will be for sale as well as gourding and beading supplies. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. ~~~Naz

Elohi Spirit Gourd #46

Elohi Spirit Gourd #46

This is a medium size gourd beaded with seed beads. The top is woven pine needles.